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Say What?! Foundation

Selected:  Black Pearl - T2W
Say What?! Foundation
Black Pearl - T2W
Black Pearl - T2N
Black Pearl - T2C
Black Pearl - T1W
Black Pearl - T1N
Black Pearl - T1C
Brown Sugar - T4W
Brown Sugar - T4N
Brown Sugar - T4C
Brown Sugar - T3W
Brown Sugar - T3N
Brown Sugar - T3C
Brown Sugar - T2W
Brown Sugar - T2N
Brown Sugar - T2C
Brown Sugar - T1W
Brown Sugar - T1N
Brown Sugar - T1C
Bronze Venus - T3W
Bronze Venus - T3N
Bronze Venus - T3C
Bronze Venus - T2W
Bronze Venus - T2N
(Sold Out)
Bronze Venus - T2C
Bronze Venus - T1W
Bronze Venus - T1N
Bronze Venus - T1C
Honey Honey - T3W
Honey Honey - T3N
Honey Honey - T3C
(Sold Out)
Honey Honey - T2W
Honey Honey - T2N
Honey Honey - T2C
Honey Honey - T1W
Honey Honey - T1N
Honey Honey - T1C
Fair Lady - T3W
Fair Lady - T3N
Fair Lady - T3C
Fair Lady - T2W
Fair Lady - T2N
Fair Lady - T2C
Fair Lady - T1W
Fair Lady - T1N
Fair Lady - T1C
White Pearl - T2W
White Pearl - T2N
White Pearl - T2C
White Pearl - T1W
White Pearl - T1N
White Pearl - T1C

Trippin Smooth Primer

Selected:  Trippin Smooth Primer
Trippin Smooth Primer

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SAY WHAT?! FOUNDATION: The multi-award winning game changing foundation, available in a ground-breaking 51 shades and uniquely formulated to meet your skin’s needs. This first-of-it’s-kind second skin creation, delivers a customized longwear vibrant-matte finish with nourishing hydration.

TRIPPIN SMOOTH PRIMER: So smooth you’ll think you’re TRIPPIN’

A primer powered by ‘shrooms. Take a trip with us to blurred, smooth and  illuminated skin with the ultimate lightweight, plush primer. This unique whipped  gel formula is infused with Mushroom Extract, Chamomile Water and Probiotics  for a calming, balancing and soothing experience. You’re not trippin’…. it’s really  THAT smooth.