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Eye of a Goddess

Eye of a Goddess

Salute to the Sun Eyeshadow Palette
Salute to the Sun - Nefertiti Kuul  Eyeliner
Salute to the Sun - Drama Bomb Mascara  

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Unlock the mesmerizing looks of ancient Egyptian Queens! Drenchedin gold, this palette is filled with a unique combination of shades inspired by the majestic land of Egypt.Play with saturated pigments in an array of matte, shimmer,and metallic finishes that blend seamlessly.

Wahdj — A shimmering olive green

Cupreum — A metallic copper

Wardy — A matte pinky beige

Red Ochre — A deep red

Nebu — A shimmering yellow gold

Desher — A metallic red with pink and gold shimmer

Khenet — A mustard yellow

Khesbedj — A shimmering royal blue

Rust — A metallic red with pink and gold shimmer

NWB — A metallic pinky beige

SALUTE TO THE SUN - NEFERTITI KUUL EYELINER: Inspired by the female pharaoh, Nefertiti and her iconic kohl eyeliner looks we have crafted our own modern-day version. This highly pigmented, silky smooth kohl liner delivers a creamy formula that glides with ease. Apply to yourwater lineto defineeyesor create a smokey wing for a little drama.

Irtyu — A royal blue

Khenet — A earthy brown

Kem — A rich black.

Cleopatra — A warm tone pink

Hatshepsut — A deep rosy brown

SALUTE TO THE SUN - DRAMA BOMB MASCARA: Our best-seller is now drippin’ in gold. Inspired by the ancient land of Egypt, Drama Bomb is now available in a limited-edition royal blue and original blackshade with elevated goldpacking. The unique hourglass shaped wand grabs and lifts each lash delivering extreme volume while our nourishing formula moisturizes and promotes lash growth.

Azurite — A royal blue

Kem — A rich black