Queen of Complexion Duo

Say What?! Foundation

Selected:  Black Pearl - T2W
Say What?! Foundation
Black Pearl - T2W
Black Pearl - T2N
Black Pearl - T2C
Black Pearl - T1W
Black Pearl - T1N
Black Pearl - T1C
Brown Sugar - T4W
Brown Sugar - T4N
Brown Sugar - T4C
Brown Sugar - T3W
Brown Sugar - T3N
Brown Sugar - T3C
Brown Sugar - T2W
Brown Sugar - T2N
Brown Sugar - T2C
Brown Sugar - T1W
Brown Sugar - T1N
Brown Sugar - T1C
Bronze Venus - T3W
Bronze Venus - T3N
Bronze Venus - T3C
Bronze Venus - T2W
Bronze Venus - T2N
(Sold Out)
Bronze Venus - T2C
Bronze Venus - T1W
Bronze Venus - T1N
Bronze Venus - T1C
Honey Honey - T3W
Honey Honey - T3N
Honey Honey - T3C
(Sold Out)
Honey Honey - T2W
Honey Honey - T2N
Honey Honey - T2C
Honey Honey - T1W
Honey Honey - T1N
Honey Honey - T1C
Fair Lady - T3W
Fair Lady - T3N
Fair Lady - T3C
Fair Lady - T2W
Fair Lady - T2N
Fair Lady - T2C
Fair Lady - T1W
Fair Lady - T1N
Fair Lady - T1C
White Pearl - T2W
White Pearl - T2N
White Pearl - T2C
White Pearl - T1W
White Pearl - T1N
White Pearl - T1C

Salute to the Sun Highlighter

Selected:  NEW GOLD
Salute to the Sun Highlighter

Hey Big Head Sponge

Selected:  Big Head! Dual Makeup Sponge
Hey Big Head Sponge

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SAY WHAT?! FOUNDATION: The multi-award winning game changing foundation, available in a ground-breaking 51 shades and uniquely formulated to meet your skin’s needs. This first-of-it’s-kind second skin creation, delivers a customized longwear vibrant-matte finish with nourishing hydration.

SALUTE TO THE SUN HIGHLIGHTER: Embrace your inner goddess and turn on the summer glow with this SUN-believably versatile formula. This highlighter is infused with sun-glow micro pearls to evoke an illuminating radiance while smoothing away skin texture. Turn up the glow by applying to the high points of your face, as an illuminating base, or as an all over body highlighter.

Nubian glow — A bronze gold

New gold — A true gold

Quartz glow — A rose gold


Hey, Big Head! Achieve flawless, airbrushed complexion perfection with our new Big Head Dual-Density Makeup Sponge. Featuring a precision cut angled end coupled with a smooth domed end, Big Head Dual Makeup Sponge is designed to fit the unique angles and curves of your face.

It’s high density angled side is perfect for full coverage foundation application as well as high-definition precision contouring. The smooth domed lower density side is perfect for blending and blurring as well as light to medium foundation application.

Big Head’s revolutionary water-activated foam swells to almost twice its size when wet for the perfect blending surface that is excellent for use with liquid, cream and powder products. Its tapered tip allows for precise application in those hard-to-reach spots.