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Black Magic Hypnotic Impact High Shine Lipstick


Leave them spellbound with our best-selling high-Shine formula! This mesmerizing and hypnotic formula is a gloss in a lipstick form to moisturize your lips with a buildable wash of color that is delicate and so comfortable, you’ll never leave home without it. Unique Air-Gel Technology creates a light, cushiony texture while amplifying shine and the glitter overspray makes it a visual wonder and the ultimate statement piece! 100% vegan and cruelty-free; how did we do it, you ask? With magic, of course!

Caution: This beautiful work of art requires a little love and care. Our Air-Gel Technology makes this formula soft and cushiony, so please be gentle.
Do not expose to sunlight or heat. Your lips love our buttery texture, but heat does not! Propel a small amount of formula at a time to avoid breakage

Regal: Neutral Beige
Feminist: Neutral Pinky Beige
Love: Soft Plum Rose
Divine: Deep Rosy Brown
SheTore: Rich Chocolate Brown
Savage: Bright Cherry Red
On-Fire: Vivid Blue Red
Allure: Bright Berry Pink