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Jan 04, 2022

When it comes to getting a great complexion, a high-quality foundation is the way to go. A foundation that matches your skin tone will make your skin look brighter, clearer, and healthier, without appearing cakey. However, even the best face makeup won’t do your skin justice if you don’t know how to apply foundation. In this post, we’ll give you all the best tips for how to apply  foundation to make your skin glow from the inside out. 

So, just how do you apply foundation? We’ve gathered a very simple and easy-to-follow guide that includes every step you need for the best way to apply your foundation and keeping it put all day/night long!. Keep reading to learn more. 

Step 1: 

Your skin should be fresh and clean before you begin applying foundation. Old makeup and oils left on the skin can cause blemishes, especially when covered up with another layer of product. 

Step 2: Prep Your Skin!

If you follow a multi-step skin care regimen, now is the time to use your morning products. If not, we love rebels but not when it comes to your skin! We always recommend starting your makeup routine with moisturizer. This will create a thin barrier between your skin and the makeup that will help protect your face. 

Step 3: 

Primers prep your clean and moisturized skin to be ready for foundation. It makes your skin even and smooth so that your foundation and other face makeup will adhere better to the face therefore .  Whoever said ‘no’ to that, less re-application, yes, please! 

Step 4: Apply it! 

Using your fingers, a foundation brush, or a makeup sponge apply small dots of foundation to the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Where you apply foundation and how much you apply will depend on if you want full coverage or sheer veil across the face.  

Top Tip: A little goes along way with foundation so we always recommend small dots to start. You can always add more if needed, to build the coverage desired. 

Step 5: Blend It!

Time to BLEND, BLEND, BLEND your foundation with either a foundation brush, or a damp makeup sponge. Blend the dots from nose working towards the hairline and jawline. Next, stipple a damp sponge around the hairline and jawline to eliminate any foundation lines. No one wants the grandma line of demarcation with their foundation! 

Step 6: Top It!

If you feel you need a little more coverage to your foundation, top it with concealer. Concealer will be your best friend for under eye camouflage, discoloration, blemishes or to hide any scars. Apply to targeted areas and blend, blend, blend for a seamless coverage. 

Top Tip: A little goes a long way - start with small spot areas of concealer and blend out. 

Step 7: Fine-Tune It!

Always fine-tune your foundation and concealer with a dusting of finishing powder or setting spray. These products along with your primer will ensure that your foundation lasts all day long / or night 

without melting or smudging. 

Using these steps will have everyone saying - you apply your foundation like a PRO! 

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Frequently Asked Questions (NEW)

Still have a few questions? You’re not alone! Here are some of the most common questions we’ve heard from makeup-lovers like you! 

What is Foundation in Makeup?

Foundation is the base layer of makeup that goes on first in your beauty routine. It should match your skin color quite closely for a natural look and blend well. It evens out your complexion as well as creates a smooth base. Canvas to your makeup!

How Do You Find the Right Foundation Shade?

At UOMA, you can easily find the right foundation by using our shade finder. First, choose your closest Skin Kin according to your skin: dark brown, brown, rich tan, olive, fair, or very fair. Then, select from the matching shades according to your undertone: neutral, warm, or cool. 

What is Matte Foundation Makeup?

Matte foundation replicates the skin’s natural texture. It doesn’t offer a shine or “glow” like other foundation types, so it’s a perfect choice for everyday wear. 

What is the Best Foundation Makeup?

The absolute best foundation makeup should come from an inclusive range, be vegan, cruelty-free, and include several formulas for different skin types. Find all of this with UOMA’s vegan and cruelty-free foundation

What is the Best Foundation for Black Skin?

Skin with a high amount of melanin needs a foundation to match. UOMA beauty is a black-owned business, so we know how important it is to create an excellent foundation for all skin tones. That’s what makes us the best place to buy foundation for black skin. 

What is the Best Foundation for Dark Skin?

The best foundation for dark skin will work with the natural brown tones of the skin. There should also be a variety of undertones to match all shades. 

What is the Best Foundation for Fair Skin?

As for all shades of skin, the best foundation for fair skin will offer unique formulas that cater to fair skin concerns, like premature aging and discoloration. It should be blendable, come in several shades, and will ideally be vegan or cruelty-free. 

Which is the Best Foundation for Daily Use?

An excellent daily foundation will be lightweight allowing the skin to breathe and have good ingredients for your skin. In addition, vegan formulas tend to be even more gentle. 

What is the Easiest Way to Apply Foundation?

The easiest way to apply foundation is with a damp beauty blender/sponge. This tool will simplify application and blending and ensure that you get the best coverage and a flawless complexion. 

How Do You Apply Liquid Foundation?

There are several ways to apply foundation. For liquid foundation, use your fingers, a brush, or a damp sponge to pat and blend all over the face. Take care to stipple into the hairline, ears, and jaw/neck for a smooth appearance. Liquid foundation may benefit from a setting powder on top. 

Is It Better to Apply Foundation with a Brush or Sponge?

Wondering how to apply foundation correctly? The good news is that you can use the tool of your choice! Whether you use a brush or sponge for applying foundation is up to your preference. However, a damp sponge offers a better blend and is great for building up layers of coverage. 

Why Does My Foundation Look Dry?

Your foundation may look dry if your skin is dry underneath it. To combat this, make sure to wash your makeup off every day and that you begin your makeup routine with a clean and moisturized face. 

Why Does My Foundation Look Patchy?

Foundation can end up looking patchy if it isn’t correctly blended or if you have the wrong shade. Also, if you put makeup on an unprepped face, it can turn out blotchy as well. Make sure to thoroughly blend the correct shade of foundation on a clean and moisturized face. 

How Do You Make Your Foundation Look Smooth?

Blending is the key to making your foundation look smooth and clear. Make sure to blend thoroughly all the way up to the hairline. Additionally, you can top it off with a finishing powder that will help keep foundation in place all day long/ night long. 

How Do You Get Foundation Out of Clothes?

You can get rid of foundation from your clothes by spot-cleaning with warm water and laundry detergent/dish soap. 

What Goes on First Concealer or Foundation?

Generally, foundation should be put on first, and then concealer. However, you might find that your skin reacts better to a different order. Feel free to experiment to see which outcome you prefer. 

How Do You Make Foundation Lighter?

To make your foundation lighter, you can mix in some moisturizer or primer. Alternatively, you can blend in some dots of a lighter shade of foundation. If you’ve discovered the foundation is too dark after you’ve applied it, a light finishing powder may help lighten it up. 

How Do You Make Foundation Darker?

There are many ways to darken up your foundation; you just have to find the right method that works for you. You can add a darker concealer, mix in a darker shade of foundation to create a custom color, or mix in some bronzer. 

Where Can I Buy Foundation?

You can most likely buy foundation wherever you buy the rest of your makeup. You can even buy vegan and cruelty-free foundation online! 

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