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Trippin Smooth Duo
Trippin Smooth Duo
Trippin Smooth Duo

Trippin Smooth Duo

Trippin Smooth Powder
Trippin Smooth Primer

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TRIPPIN SMOOTH POWDER: So smooth you’ll think you’re TRIPPIN’

Secure the blur with this superfine, weightless powder. Create a soft-focus, matte finish that minimizes fine lines and reduces the appearance of pores for skin so smooth, you’ll think you’re TRIPPIN. Microfine spheres control excess oil and shine keeping your makeup looking pixel perfect throughout the day and night. Available in 4 shades for a flash back free complexion that is beyond smooth.

TRIPPIN SMOOTH PRIMER: A primer powered by ‘shrooms. Take a trip with us to blurred, smooth and illuminated skin with the ultimate lightweight, plush primer. This unique whipped gel formula is infused with Mushroom Extract, Chamomile Water and Probiotics for a calming, balancing and soothing experience. You’re not trippin’…. it’s really THAT smooth.